Specializing in Creative Marketing, Public Relations and Special Events, we maintain a focus on developing brands within the Luxury, Lifestyle, Fashion, Design, Fitness, Health & Wellness and Tech based sectors.


TP&Co prides itself on having a global reach while maintaining a boutique environment. We are known to be an out of house agency that feels in-house. This is  based on our work ethic, accessibility and service. With a strength in contacts and specialized resources, we are well suited to service the very finest brands in the world. For over 19 years, TP&Co has been successfully building, launching and creating effective strategies for brands to increase equity and advance to the next position. Tracy Paul is known for custom work, valuable ideas and propelling clients into the media and consumer spotlight through integrated strategies and connections. As a result, clients tell us that our efforts have not only resulted in increased sales, but have elevated their business stance in moments that matter most.